Lampan – Alphastudio XXL pro v2

Lampan was founded in 1980 and is a reseller of lamps throughout the Nordic region with headquarters in Uddevalla, Sweden. With Alphastudio XXL pro v2, Lampan now takes much faster images for their website, as well as being able to take 360-degree images to give the customer the best view of Lampan’s products.

“Lampan has about 8,000 unique items on our website. One of the big reasons we invested in Orbitvu was that it had great capabilities in its solution… We have a very wide range of products that are made of different materials, different sizes, which makes the product photography process much more difficult, Orbitvu solves these challenges super well.”

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Orbitvu Nordic: Uniformity, 360° images and great content adorn Lampan

Lampan’s fast time to market with Orbitvu Nordic

Lampan is based in Uddevalla Sweden and has rapidly moved into new markets in Norway and Finland. Here, they are known for a rich assortment of everything from giant chandeliers to small spotlights, where quality is paramount. In order to match an equally high quality in their product images while having a fast time to market, Lampan chose to integrate Orbitvu, who can now get their products online lightning fast on their Ecommerce platform with just a few clicks.

From clicking the button in the Orbitvu software, it takes minutes for us to get it online, both as packshots and 360 degree images”

says E-commerce Manager at Lampan, Anders Strandberg

With the ability to have a faster time to market, better quality and consistency of content, as well as being able to deliver 360 degree images to clients made the choice incredibly easy for the team at Lampan.

A unique e-customer experience

In addition to streamlining Lampan’s product photography workflow, it also has previously been difficult to capture all the detail and appearance of certain lamps on the website. Orbitvu has helped Lampan with this, now easily taking an additional creative image per product or a full 360-degree image so all angles and reflections can be viewed, increasing conversion rates and providing a truly unique experience of the product online.

Make the most of content creation

By using the Orbitvu Studio, Lampan now has the opportunity to leverage the many aspects of content creation beyond just packshots in-house through a single solution, Orbitvu. With the ability for 360-degree images, videos, product setups, etc., Lampan can truly showcase the best of their products, both on the website, but as well as in marketing on SoMe, Google and physically.

One of the big reasons why we invested in Orbitvu was that it had great opportunities in its solution”

says Co-owner and Partner of Lampan, Henrik Stenström

Henrik Stenström further explains how they leverage Orbitvu:

“We have a very wide range of products, made of very different materials and different sizes, which makes the product photography process much more difficult, but Orbitvu Nordic solves this challenge super well.”

says Co-owner and Partner of Lampan, Henrik Stenström

In addition to using the photo studio in connection with ecommerce, Lampan also uses the images B2B, as well as in their physical store in Uddevalla. Therefore, they export their image in both online and print-friendly resolutions at the same time. They do this automatically with 1 click of a button with Orbitvu.

All in all, the partnership between Orbitvu Nordic and Lampan was a success from the start and a journey that we are proud to be a part of.

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