Professional photos with white background

Wave goodbye to the traditional, slow and expensive processes that previously led to background bleeding on product images in Photoshop and other similar programs.

ORBITVU has automated the process in a clipping and finishing application that shows the product clipped from its background in moments.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Place the product by the laser light
  • Select template with/without background
  • Click Enter

ORBITVU handles the rest and automatically removes the background of the image which is immediately ready for upload.

Optimize your workflow. Create perfect exposed product photos showing the product from all angles and in 360-degree shots. Upload the images in entire series to your webshop.


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With ORBITVU you get intelligent software that automatically removes the background from your product images. In addition, the software will ensure perfect photography and finishing of your images with a neutral background and you can insert other color or white backgrounds with a click

Make your own background. Neutral, white, colored photo or logo background.

You can quickly and easily create your own templates if you do not find them in the ORBITVU library.

The products are photographed, finished and exposed, so you can use the images no matter what background you choose.

Be creative and stand out from the crowd. It does not cost extra. With ORBITVU you show the product from its best side and you send the signal of a high professional standard.

So end up taking cumbersome finishing procedures that remove the existing background and allow you to present the product with white or neutral background on product images. Press the button and you are ready to publish.

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no reflections fan

Why not shoot the images on a white background to begin with?

ORBITVU uses a special neutral background, which is designed to reduce the reflection of light back on the product. This allows the user to set the lighting as sharply and perfectly as possible on the product itself, without having to worry about whether the white background will create reflections back on the product at the moment the picture is taken.

In the two product images below, you can see the marked difference between ORBITVU’s images and those you normally get when you take the picture without using the special ORBITVU neutral background, but using the traditional white background. In such cases, the light is reflected back, and makes the product look completely different.

ORBITVU thus uses a special neutral background that is designed so that it can be removed on images after photography without affecting the product. Once you have removed the background via our software, you will with a few clicks be able to add another, and thereby get the perfect white background. It is entirely up to you.

ORBITVU is the only intelligent and automated background removal software on the market.

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Uniformity gives a professional expression

ORBITVU removes the background and allows you to decide for yourself what background, shadows and reflections the product should have, without compromising the appearance of the product image itself.

New backgrounds, shadows and reflections can easily be included in your finished product photo in connection with the removal of the background. The process is automated by ORBITVU taking 2 pictures; namely, one with the product and one with the shadow. The software then places the 2 images on top of each other, and the images now contain exactly the shadow, reflections and the background that optimizes your sales.

ensartethed billede_orbitvuensartethed_billede_ikke_orbitvu

Templates create uniformity and fast workflow

You can easily use ORBITVU`s templates with fixed backgrounds from our library for free or you can download your own backgrounds with logo, photo, or self-selected colors and save them for other future recordings.

Our software handles clipping, free-scratching, image processing and of course, proven shadows and reflections.

ORBITVU’s IQ mask (software) focuses on your product from all sides during the few minutes of 360-degree image capture. It photographs the product from all sides and calculates the optimal compromise between clarity, image size, and accurate reproduction of color and texture.

One click sets the process in motion.

In other words, clipping is no longer a task handled by hours of work in photoshop. Neither are the other aspects of image processing. It’s all fixed at the speed of light through ORBITVU`s advanced software which automates the fresh scraping of images, the replacement of backgrounds and the addition of shadows and reflections both artificial and natural.

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