Automated Image Editing

Editing images is complicated and requires large resources as well as slow and expensive manual processes.

The customer expects to be able to gain insight into product details quickly and by themselves, whether they shop with you via their smartphone, tablet or PC. Even faster, the customer must be able to zoom in and study closely from all angles and preferably also 360° about the product.

Clear and razor-sharp images are a must – but they should at the same time fill as little as possible on your server, as the size affects how fast they load and as customers expect a lightning-fast webshop, where it is comfortable and easy to shop around between the different products.

Say goodbye to the traditional, slow and expensive image editing processes, which previously led to the clipping of product images and photo editing in Photoshop and others similar programs.

ORBITVU has automated the photo editing process in a clipping and finishing program that instantly displays the product without its background.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Place the product on the designated point
  2. Select template with/without background
  3. Click Enter.

ORBITVU handles the rest – Image editing and photo processing take place automatically and all you have to do is press the enter button.

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Optimize your workflow

A customer can quickly lose interest in your webshop if the photo processing of your product photos in the finishing is not in order, and does not provide the same consistency in image editing and quality.

The traditional way of creating a perfect product photo requires enormous resources in terms of professional skills and working time. Photo editing is a long and time consuming process.

With ORBITVU, you simplify the process dramatically, and you do not have to be a photographer to take product photos. Just place the product where the laser light falls. The picture is taken via your own camera, while ORBITVU’s software handles the rest.

All your pictures will be exact replicas in high quality according to finishing, just as your customers want and expect it.

ORBITVU delivers a plug & play user-friendly solution that increases your sales, improves your image and increases speed and thus google speed ratings. Typically, a fast site will also mean better rankings in Google. A fast website provides a better user experience and it gives Google a very high priority when the search engine ranks the results of your search.


Proper image editing makes all the difference

Create perfect exposed product photos that show the item from all angles and in 360-degree shots. Upload the images in full series to your online store.

With ORBITVU, clipping is no longer a task that is handled through many hours of work in photoshop. Neither are the other aspects of image processing. Everything is fixed with the speed of light via ORBITVU`s advanced software. Photo editing and image finishing are performed automatically by ORBITVU. The perfect light ensures from the beginning that the product looks like itself online and that there is no need for subsequent image editing.

(If you know of special products that you find particularly necessary, there is of course the option of manual finishing. Here you can edit images, such as contrast, colors, sharpness, saturation, hat etc. as in a traditional editing program. This function is most often used when finishing jewelry and is not necessary for standard products)..

The post-processing software provided by ORBITVU makes the image processing process easy and free. Every picture you take will now be processed automatically and for free in a split second. You’re online in minutes.

The image editing is done by ORBITVU’s advanced software and equipment, where you just need to use your Mac or any Laptop, Desktop PC, or even an iPad, to access the interface.


The procedure for free image processing is:

The procedure for free image processing is:

  1. Use your own Canon (or Nikon) camera.
  2. Insert the product in the laser marked area. Press enter. ORBITVU photographs, exposes and carries out the finishing.
  3. You choose a background from ORBITVU`s library (Or create a new one in no time) or you can save the image without background.
  4. With ORBITVU you show the product from its best side and you send the signal of a high professional standard.

You can quickly and easily create your own templates if you do not find them in the ORBITVU library.

The products are photographed, finished and exposed, so you can use the images no matter what background you choose.

With ORBITVU you show the product from its best side and you send the signal of a high professional standard.

shoe different background

No money wasted on clipping path and shadows

All functions such as light setup, image processing, special backgrounds, image format, size and upload, can be easily and quickly saved as custom templates that reflect your wishes 100%.

Of course, it is also possible to use ORBITVU’s predefined templates from the ORBITVU Library. They are free.

You choose a template that fits your product and web store. ORBITVU’s software does the rest. Select template and press enter. It’s that easy. Within seconds, you already have ready-made product images that have both been shot and finished.

Now select an export profile (which is your template for Export / Up-Load of the images) and click upload.

Read more about clipping and shadows here

You can also use the so-called embedding codes. It has the advantage that you always just store your photos, including 360 ° product photos, on a single server. This also applies even if you call the image from various websites, which are each on their own servers. Let’s say you’re Adidas or Nike and launch a new football boot that is sold in 1,000 different webshops around the world. By handing out embedding codes to the retailers, you will be able to make sure that your product image is displayed to the full capacity of the individual webshop. You do not risk the retailer uploading the image in the wrong format or size and thus displaying the image incorrectly. All your dealers, on the other hand, show the picture perfectly without doing anything. The picture is also optimally displayed on social media and should you feel like replacing the picture, you only need to do it in one place. Subsequently, the image will be automatically replaced everywhere else on the web, where it is displayed via the embedding code. The advantage of embedding code is the following:

  • The image is loaded at maximum speed for the consumer
  • Extremely fast upload for the dealer
  • Change one place and replace worldwide.
  • Via ORBITVU’s multiview software, 360° shots are perfect on all devices
  • Deep zoom with multitouch allows the customer to zoom in from all angles without compromising quality.

The production of 2D and 360° images with perfect automatic image editing has now been made significantly easier, cheaper and faster.

Free image editing is made easy with ORBITVU templates:

ORBITVU’s intelligent software automates clipping, and reduces reflective light from the background using a special neutral background, designed to specifically enable these.

ORBITVU’s software and equipment can, according to your preferences, cast a natural shadow on top of your exposed image. An effect that is completely impossible to create with Photoshop has now been automated with ORBITVU. It is also possible to add a shadow in the automatic post production, reminiscent of Photoshops, but which can be automatically applied over all desired images.

The automatic image processing also involves auto-centering of the product, as well as auto-cropping, both of which can be set according to your specific preferences and saved in a template for further use in the future.

template shirt light


ALPHASTUDIO XXL v2 can automatically shoot 2D packshots and 360° photos of products up to the size 190x80x70 [HxWxD], and up to a weight of 100 kg.

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Compact v2 – without background web


ALPHASTUDIO Compact pro v2 automatically shoots 2D packshots and 360° photos of products up to the size 130x80x70 [HxWxD], and up to a weight of 100 kg.

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ALPHASHOT 360 automatically shoots 2D packshots and 360° photos of products up to the size of 30x30x30 [HxWxD], and up to a weight of 3 kg.

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