With Orbitvu, your image scale automatically

In the Orbitvu photo studio, you can set how your cropping should be, whether the product should be placed in the middle, bottom, corner, and more, as well as how much distance there should be to the edges of the image in percent and pixels respectively.

This can be adjusted for each of the product’s four sides, so that the images are exactly as you want them and fit your webshop perfectly. Unlike many other photo editing programs, like photoshop etc, ORBITVU software’s “keep scale” feature will ensure that the product images have the same real dimensions, in the same crisp quality, after your images have been cropped.

Cropping and uncropping can be done with ORBITVU’s solution in less than a few seconds per image. This frees up time and resources for you to invest in other areas, as well as giving your photographer a tool to take care of the more time-consuming part of the job and focus on the fun stuff, namely spending more time on creativity and situational photography.

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How to resize after exporting?

With ORBITVU you can easily change the scaling and cropping of images, even after they have been uploaded to your website for the first time. In ORBITVU’s intelligent software, it is possible to save every single photo session that you have taken to your website. From here you can change and optimize the scaling and cropping from previous photo sessions so that they fit your webshop even better. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the cropping and scaling of the images by any new designs and formats of your website and its platform.

ORBITVU makes image cropping easy, cheap and fast.

Choose your own image size

ORBITVU allows you to change the pixel size of each image, both individually, and also for entire groups of images simultaneously. Using the ORBITVU “keep-scale” and “auto-centering” features, this is done without you having to worry that the product will look weird or distorted when you change the number of pixels. So now you can choose how big your images should be for your website. Quick and easy. Change the pixelation of 1000 images at the same time and they will all look as natural in the frame as when the image was first taken.

Enlarging and reducing images is made extremely easy and fast using ORBITVU’s intelligent solutions.

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ALPHASHOT XL automatically shoots 2D packshots and 360° photos of products up to the size of 70x50x30 [HxWxD], and up to a weight of 25 kg.

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Compact v2 – without background web


ALPHASTUDIO Compact pro v2 automatically shoots 2D packshots and 360° photos of products up to the size 130x80x70 [HxWxD], and up to a weight of 100 kg.

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ALPHASHOT 360 automatically shoots 2D packshots and 360° photos of products up to the size of 30x30x30 [HxWxD], and up to a weight of 3 kg.

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