Cropping images is a time-consuming task

Today’s webshop customers expect quality and stylish design, which is reflected in product images. At the very first glance of your webshop, the customer first notices the size and cropping of the products in your product images. If these are not perfect, the customer is less likely to stay on the page and place an order.

Page visitors expect quality, consistency, and perfect product photos that can be enlarged, rotated, and reversed. The images should also be viewable as 360-degree images. With traditional methods, all of this takes untold amounts of time and costs enormous resources to complete.

It is a hopeless task even to try to crop all product images. This is why Scandinavian photographers often use foreign labor to crop and crop the images in photoshop. This is no longer necessary with ORBITVU’s intelligent solution, which automatically crops, removes the background, and crops the image in a split second.

ORBITVU automates all processes of product photo shoots.

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How to crop an image?

ORBITVU’s intelligent software can automatically crop and scale your images so that the product is always placed in the center of the image. It’s your autopilot. This function ensures you uniformity between your product images, so that all products on your webshop look the same, in both lighting, size and with the same self-chosen background.
The size of the images is an often overlooked variable among webshops, where there is a big difference between whether the images are cropped by almost the same margin around the product, or that the product images are actually cropped exactly the same, so that the size of images on your webshop does not change .
This difference can not be seen from picture to picture, but with overview views of many different products on your webshop, it quickly becomes an annoyance for the customer.
With Orbitvu’s intelligent software, the image cropping of all your product images is automated and ensures a consistent and quality-assured format that gives customers the best possible impression of uniformity and quality assurance of your webshop and your products.

With ORBITVU, your image is cropped automatically

You can set how your cropping or “cropping” should be, whether the product should be placed in the middle, bottom, corner, and more, as well as how much distance there should be to the edges of the image in resp. percent and pixels.

This can be adjusted for each of the four sides of the product, so that the images are exactly according to your wishes, so that it fits perfectly with your particular webshop. Unlike many other photo editing programs, such as photoshop and others, the ORBITVU software’s “keep scale” function will ensure that the product images have the same real dimensions, in the same razor-sharp quality, after your images have been cropped.

With ORBITVU’s solution, background removal and clipping can be done in less than a second per. picture. This frees up time and resources for you to invest in other areas, as well as gives your photographer a tool to take care of the most time-consuming part of the job and thereby spend more time on creativity and situation photography.

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How to resize after exporting?

With ORBITVU, you can easily change the scaling and cropping of images even after they have been uploaded to your website for the first time. In ORBITVU’s intelligent software, it is possible to save every single photo session that you have taken to your website. From here you can change and optimize the scaling and cropping from previous photo sessions so that they fit your webshop even better. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the cropping and scaling of the images by any new designs and formats of your website and its platform.

The image on the left is cropped automatically with ORBITVU

ORBITVU does image cropping; easy, cheap and fast.


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