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In APLHASTUDIO XXL v2, the product can take pictures of images up to 190x80x70 cm and weighing up to 100 kg.

Alphastudio XXL v2

All-in-one solution

ALPHASTUDIO XXL v2 is an “all-in-one solution” to your product photography problems, an easy studio for all your product photography needs. The advanced software removes backgrounds automatically.

The entire process is automated with ALPHASTUDIO XXL v2, which reduces the time spent per product image down to seconds. Even complicated model shots!

The studio enables lightning-fast packshots and can easily take and post-process 5 images of one product in under 50 seconds. The images are now formatted in your desired quality and are now ready to be uploaded to your website.

3 steps to perfect product images

With the ALPHASTUDIO XXL v2 Photo Studio, you get perfect product images, every time. You make your photoshoots incredibly easy, the light is perfect and the advanced software automatically removes the background. In other words, you can capture perfect product photos in just 3 steps:

  • Place the product or products in the illuminated area of the studio and select the template.
  • Take the picture.
  • Upload the perfectly lit image to your website with your choice of background, with or without your choice of shadows.

Easy accessibility and perfect working height make the studio user-friendly. The studio makes product shoots much more efficient.

All-in-one solution

ALPHASTUDIO XXL v2 is an “all-in-one solution”.

Besides being incredibly user-friendly and fast. Is it possible to create more content such as:

  • Packshots
  • 360 images
  • Model pictures
  • 360-degree model photos
  • Video of models
  • Product videos
  • Environment images

More content and different ways to show products create more sales.


The studio has an open front, and with its height of 244 cm, is therefore designed to easily move in and out, as well as move objects in and out of the studio for photography.

A high quality Manfrotto tripod is included with the studio, allowing you to angle the product exactly as you want.

The studio is equipped with 7 controllable LED panels; 1 in the plate behind the product, 1 in the bottom that lights upwards, 1 at the top in front of the turntable, so that the model stands in such perfect direct lighting, which can also be angled according to your wishes. The last 4 are divided into 2 large LED panels which can be positioned as required around the turntable. These 2 large panels are divided into an upper panel and a lower panel, which can be controlled separately with the ORBITVU software.

The whole process is controlled from your computer, or even an iPad, where you are in control of everything from the lighting setup, finishing to exporting. Create your own templates for these, or choose ready-made ones from the ORBITVU library.

Press enter. The software does the rest.

Hardware features

Motorized base plate

Smooth rotation for 360-degree photography, video photography and product positioning.

In-house LED panels

Independent control of eight individual light panels. High power, true colors and long life.

Camera positioning

The Manfrotto stand provides easy movement closer and further away from your products.


  • Complete compact photo studio
  • Manfrotto stand
  • ORBITVU turntable
  • ORBITVU Station software
  • Black/white side reflectors

Optional equipment

  • Top camera holder
  • Motorized hanging kit, with top camera holder
  • Positioning laser kit
  • Motorized zoom for top camera
  • Monitor for the model with liveview
  • Safety Step
  • Specification
  • Max. object size in the machine [HxWxD]
    190x80x70 cm
  • Max. weight of object
    100 kg
  • LED Light
  • Brightness
    47.000 lumen
  • Front light
    CRI 95+
  • Top light
    CRI 95+
  • Rear and Bottom lights
    CRI 93+
  • 360° photography
  • 2D photography
  • Video recording
  • 2D Image output format
    PNG, JPEG, RAW + PNG mask
  • 360° Image output format  
    HTML5, Flash, GIF
  • Video recording output format
    AVI, MP4, directly Upload directly to YouTube
  • Camera compatibility
    CANON & NIKON DSLR (See the full list HERE)
  • Multi-control of cameras
    Column 2 Value
  • Max. Image resolution
  • Operating systems compatibility
    macOS 10.12 and later, Windows 7 and later
  • Dimensions [HxWxD]
    244x132x163 cm
  • Total weight
    313 kg
  • External power supply
    100-230 AC / 1500 W

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