The right lighting makes the difference

The customers of today’s webshop expect quality and stylish design, which is not least expressed in the light of the product images. At the very first glance of your webshop, the customer first and foremost notices the size, cropping and in particular also the lighting of the products on your product images. Pictures often say more than a thousand words, which is why perfect product photos are crucial to any webshop’s success.

The customer expects quality and uniformity, which with traditional methods takes large both work and financial resources to perform to perfection.


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The right lighting, and any shadow on the product image, is extremely important. The lighting shows your product from the best sides. It can be difficult to create, and then recreate, over and over again without modification.

ORBITVU delivers the technology that can. With LED panels below, above, from behind, from the front and from both sides, you have full control over the environment.

The LED panels are easily adjustable, using ORBITVU’s software, where the light output can be determined individually from LED panel to LED panel, in relation to what percentage of the individual LED panel’s brightness is to be used to create the perfect image lighting.

Once you have placed your first product, in the laser-determined area, you will quickly find the perfect lighting using ORBITVU advanced technology that makes the product appear in the best quality from all angles. The lighting is saved in a template. Then the lighting can be used for all similar photo shoots, with just 1 click. Thereby for you perfect picture light

ORBITVU also provides predefined Plug & Play templates for easy use. They are free.

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lights effects

Bulletproof LED light, perfect shadows and reflections

ORBITVU’s solutions have an output of 35,000 lumens [lm], which makes it possible to get the perfect shot of your product – which matches if not surpasses the lighting of most professional product photographers in their photo studio.

The light places no limits on the ideal image without noise, which is therefore razor sharp with natural colors that show your products from all its real and natural angles. Exactly as the customer wants it.

See the image to the left where correct and incorrect lighting is illustrated

Natural colors

ORBITVU’s high CRI parameter (Colour Rendering Index) >85 with a bright spectrum adapted for cameras gives a true, realistic, and an uncompromising expression of your product’s colors.

One of the main reasons for online product returns is that the product looks different in reality than it does on the website. Therefore, the high CRI parameter (Colour Rendering Index) >85, will aid in reducing the number of returned products, simply because the colors and textures online appear exactly as the physical product is upon receival.

template shirt light
sko med lys

6 independent computer-controlled LED panels give you full control and flexibility

ORBITVU’s solutions ensure professional light every time. The solution lives up to what even the most demanding photographer wants. To ensure uniformity and an efficient workflow, you can use predefined lighting templates that recreate the exact amount of light and camera setup. You can also use ORBITVU`s templates made by professional photographers. The templates can be found free of charge in ORBITVU’s library.

  1. Select template
  2. Press enter and the image is shot
  3. Upload the finished product image.

Shadow – Easy and Natural with ORBITVU

ORBITVU’s intelligent software makes it possible to easily keep the natural shadow even if the image is automatically exposed. If this is done in a traditional editing program such as Photoshop, shadow extraction is a very slow and cumbersome process.

ORBITVU’s intelligent software works by shooting and exposing an image at the perfect lighting without shadow, then shooting a third image with shadow, in your chosen orientation, and superimposing it on the first image. In doing so, the technology itself creates the perfect, exposed shadow.

You don’t have to worry about how the product looks in the final image, as the software only detects the shadow and superimposes it on the finished product image. Using ORBITVU’s template technology, you can recreate this same shadow lighting for all your products, so that you maintain maximum consistency across your website.

It is also possible to create an artificial shadow in post-processing, where you can decide where it should be and how strong.

With ORBITVU`s intelligent software, it is also possible to create a mirror reflection of the product, underneath the product itself. This function can also be repeated in templates.

With ORBITVU you get perfect product images from all angles including 360° shots in just a few minutes. Perfect lighting, backgrounds, rotation, zoom function and razor sharp shots. Easy to use – Plug & Play.



ALPHASHOT XL automatically shoots 2D packshots and 360° photos of products up to the size of 70x50x30 [HxWxD], and up to a weight of 25 kg.

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Compact v2 – without background web


ALPHASTUDIO Compact pro v2 automatically shoots 2D packshots and 360° photos of products up to the size 130x80x70 [HxWxD], and up to a weight of 100 kg.

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ALPHASHOT 360 automatically shoots 2D packshots and 360° photos of products up to the size of 30x30x30 [HxWxD], and up to a weight of 3 kg.

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