Perfect product images in 3 steps

Reduce costs. Reduce the hassle.

Step 1

Automated photography

With ORBITVU, you simplify the process dramatically and you do not have to be a photographer to perfect packshots. Just place products where the laser light falls.

Step 2

Reduce post-production

The software automatically exposes the image, then you can add your own background.

In addition, all other settings are defined in templates, thus saving time.

Step 3

Upload directly to your webshop from the software!

Then you click upload – and your fantastic product images will be synchronized with your products in your webshop.

Now you have an image series that represents the most web-friendly compromise between sharpness, clarity, light & image size (and thus loading speed) that you can find online. ORBITVU handles all technical things in a way that is faster, cheaper and more efficient than what you are used to.

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