Perfect product images in 3 steps

Reduce costs. Reduce the hassle.

Step 1

Automated photography

With ORBITVU, you simplify the process dramatically and you do not have to be a photographer to perfect packshots. Just place products where the laser light falls.

Step 2

Reduce post-production

The software automatically exposes the image, then you can add your own background.

In addition, all other settings are defined in templates, thus saving time.

Step 3

Upload directly to your webshop from the software!

Then you click upload – and your fantastic product images will be synchronized with your products in your webshop.

Now you have an image series that represents the most web-friendly compromise between sharpness, clarity, light & image size (and thus loading speed) that you can find online. ORBITVU handles all technical things in a way that is faster, cheaper and more efficient than what you are used to.

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How the Orbitvu software works

With an in-house photo studio from Orbitvu, you not only get a smart solution that saves you time and money, but a solution that also ensures you perfect product images, which increases your conversion.

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Save time on photography, processing and background removal.Get 5 background removed and processed web-ready packshots in less than 1 minute.

Save money with an automated in-house photo studio.With an automatic in-house photo studio, it costs less than EUR 0.9 per product.

Increase the conversion on your webshop and products.Get perfect product images that increase conversion, and upload more product images.

Easy light adjustment, auto-background removal and natural shadowing

· Control your lighting environment with just a few intuitive clicks.
· Automatically expose images in under 1 second.
· Automatically add natural shadow

Automatic and fast export of files

· Automate export so that files are always exported with the same background, shadow, crop, etc.

Integrate for a fully automated workflow

Integrate easily with Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Shopware and Prestahop, and upload automatically your packshots for your webshop.

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and custom integrations.

Easily create templates you can use again and again

· Save camera and lighting settings and create a template you can use again.

· Automate post-processing with 1 click by saving your post-processing preferences along with your lighting preferences.

· Use Ghost Image to position the new product  in the same position as the previous one.

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