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Get a quick overview of the Orbitvu Software, and explore all the special features.

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Integrated software

ORBITVU’s intelligent software comes accompanied with your purchase or rental of one of ORBITVU’s machines. Download the software on your computer, with your user code. Hook up your ORBITVU machine. Get started. The software is automatically integrated with your ORBITVU machine.

Light adjustment

The ORBITVU Station platform gives you a quick and easy overview of all your adjustable LED panels. Choose anything from 0-100% light output from each panel. Control your lighting environment with just a few intuitive clicks on the ORBITVU Station platform, and shoot the perfect images in the perfect studio. Light adjustments can be saved as templates for endless reuse.

Light Adjusrment

IQ Mask – Automatic clipping – 2D and 360°

Manual clipping is a thing of the past with ORBITVU. Get an intelligent, intuitive, and fast software that handles all your clipping issues without extra costs on resources and manpower. ORBITVU clips every image in under 1 second, whether it’s 2D packshots or 360° footage. The release works easily and efficiently.

With ORBITVU’s cutting-edge IQ Mask technology, your product image is now completely exposed in a fraction of the time it would take a normal photographer with Photoshop. With ORBITVU, you have the opportunity to spend manpower and resources elsewhere.

Natural shade – Automated and exposed

With ORBITVU’s groundbreaking natural shadow feature, you can generate the best shadow on the market for your clipped image. ORBITVU’s software takes the natural shadows from each of your products and superimposes them on the fully finished product image. Now you have a perfect product image with a perfect shadow that looks as natural as possible. With the image clipped, you can now add the perfect background to compliment your shadows.

The settings for how your natural shadow should look may be saved in a template. Now your perfect shadow settings will be transferred to all the images you want. The shadow follows each product individually, but will always have the same direction, texture, and strength between images. It only takes a split second to get done!

høj stol1%_hvid_1_2
no background on software

Export profiles

Create your own templates for exporting images. With ORBITVU’s Export Profiles you automate everything when exporting. Everything from file type selection to background selection, shadows, cropping, etc. is quickly and easily automated with ORBITVU’s export profiles. Both 2D packshots and 360-degree images are covered by the easy and intuitive export profiles, making exporting finished product images to your website just a few clicks away from perfection.

Orbitvu process:

  • Select one or more predefined export profiles
  • Click publish
  • Upload to website/server


ORBITVU software has integrated a free template function. Thusthat all settings in both the camera and the studio (lighting) are saved with an image when using the template function.

This feature speeds up your product photography significantly, because then you only need to click on a template, by a specific product category, and then shoot the image. Then the image is clipped and shot in your perfect settings. For example, if you’re shooting dark shoes and switch to light shoes, simply switch your template to “light shoes” and the studio is ready to shoot great images in seconds. You don’t have the hassle of setting each lamp again.

ORBITVU process:

  • Place the product in the machine
  • SELECT template
  • Click ENTER
  • Upload photos to Webshop

Automate your post-processing

You can challenge your creativity as you no longer need to post-process every single image you take. After you’ve found the post-processing settings that suit your products, you don’t have to touch the finishing tools again. Using ORBITVU’s intelligent technology and software, you can save your post-processing preferences along with your lighting preferences, and with a single click of enter, get the perfectly finished product image just the way you want it.

Orbitvu process:

  • Use your post-processing tools once.
  • Save it in a template.
  • See all your photos with the same post-processing.


GHOST-IMAGE is used in Live View, where it is placed exactly where the previous product was. This allows the placement of the new product in the same position as the previous one, which is an alternative to ORBITVU’s integrated lasers.

360 viewer

Quickly and easily after you have exported your 360-degree image to your local server, ORBITVU's 360 viewer allows you to easily and quickly, with one click, view the finished 360-degree image.

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It's not only your product images that are important for your webshop, but also in which window they are displayed. On your webshop you can use ORBITVIEWER, which acts as a window/container for your product images. This includes multiview, deep zoom, multi-touch as well as minimal loading time. ORBITVU viewer allows your website visitor to zoom in and out on the product with MULITITOUCH. In the ORBITVU VIEWER itself you can also add 360° images with ORBITTOUR

Try it out!


ORBITVU has developed a comprehensive plugin for your website, where the product images can be linked to the 360-degree product image. So that when the customer turns the product around on the screen, hotspots will occur. When the customer clicks on the hotspots that you have defined, either text, new image, video, zoom in or any other function that you choose will pop up. This significantly increases customer interaction on your website. See an example of an ORBITTOUR:


Multiview guarantees that your product images in their respective container/window are automatically adjusted to the website visitor's device (tablet, PC or smartphone). This does not affect loading time.

export photo
Multi Touch


When the customer browses on his touch device, the customer will require that all 360 degree images and packshots supported will be movable, zoomable and rotatable at the touch of a finger. ORBITVU's integrated multi-touch software supports just this, and gives the customer the feeling of having the product in their own hand.

Deep zoom

Display your product image in high quality, no matter how deeply the customer zooms in on the product image. ORBITVU's deep zoom ensures a consistently high quality of your product image on your website, it is now possible to zoom without compromising image quality. The only limitation is the maximum resolution of the camera.

screenshot af orbitvu forside

Live view

The Live View feature allows you to see your product through the eyes of the camera on your screen. You can now set the light setting knowing that your product image will look exactly as it does on your screen.


With ORBITVU's intelligent technology, you don't have to worry about automatically cropping your images. ORBITVU's templates do it for you, fully automatically. Decide either how many pixels you want around each side of the product, or what percentage you want between the edge of your product and the frame of the image. Everything is streamlined with ORBITVU.



ORBITVU's software delivers the perfect centering of your product every time. Place your product wherever you like within the picture frame, take your packshot, and let ORBITVU do the rest. Your product is now to be found centered, fully automatically.

Automated super focus

With super focus, you can get your entire product in razor-sharp quality on your product image. Super focus takes multiple images of a product, gradually moving the focus from front to back. These images are superimposed to give you a razor-sharp image across the board. With ORBITVU this can be done automatically. Automatically add super focus to your template and see all your products without blurring. ORBITVU automates the entire super focus function.

superfocus scrw


Multi-core allows ORBITVU's software to run many extremely complicated processes simultaneously, and extremely fast. This is one of the reasons why background removal and stacking of images in superfocus goes so extremely fast, and simultaneously.


With ORBITVU's software, using your mouse, or the auto-focus button on the ORBITVU Station platform, you can quickly and easily focus the camera on your product. Select the exact point of focus with your mouse and watch your image become razor-sharp. No touching of the camera is necessary!

Kopia 000020

Plug-ins for Magento, Woocommerce, Shopware, PrestaShop, and Shopify

Magento, Woocommerce, Shopware, PrestaShop and Shopify can all be supported by ORBITVU, so you have the option to upload your photo sessions directly from the ORBITVU Station platform to any of the above. It's easy, fast and efficient.

Export to your local server or the ORBITVU SUN server

With the ORBITVU Station software, you can easily and quickly choose where to export your images using export profiles. It is easy to catalog and save all images from your photo session on your local server in your preferred folder.

ORBITVU also offers the possibility to upload all your images to their ORBITVU SUN server, from where it is easy and fast to get an overview of all your packshots and 360 images. ORBITVU SUN also allows you to use embed codes, which compress both 2D packshots and 360 images, down to 2 kB, for your home. Your website is now faster, more user-friendly, and always displays your images at the highest resolution, without lag-time.


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How the Orbitvu Software works

The Orbitvu Software is an integral part of all our photo studios, which not only saves you time on photography, image processing and cropping, but also saves you money. In addition, the combination of software and hardware functions ensures that you get perfect product images, which increase conversions on your webshop.

Software features

If you have questions about Orbitvu's software functions, we are always ready to answer and guide you to the right solution.


Automatic light adjustment

Automatic centering

Automatic cropping

Automatic focus

Automatic focus stacking

Automatic post-processing

Automatic natural shadow

Automatisk background removal

Automatisk and fast export of files

Export to your local servers

Integrate with your webshop amd PIM

Create your own templates

Multi-core & GPU

Step 1 of 3

Perfect product placement with the help of laser

With the help of Orbitvu Software's laser, you can easily create ghost images that are automatically centered and cropped.

Trin 2 af 3

Automated image processing and background removal

After that, light and focus are set automatically,  and your images are post-processed, given a shadow with the background removed automatically.

Trin 3 af 3

Automatic export of files and upload to webshop

Finally, your images are exported to your local server
and automatically uploaded to your PIM and webshop.

Plugin features

If you have questions about Orbitvu's plugin functions, we are always ready to answer and guide you to the right solution.

Integrate with Webshop and PIM

360 Views of products on your website

Multi-view of products on website

Multi-touch of products on website

Orbit-Tour plugin for website

Deep zoom of products on website

Fast delivery
and setup

Training course by local experts

Local support by Orbitvu experts

Extended warranty and service with carepack

Fast delivery
and setup

Local support by Orbitvu experts

Dansk support af Orbitvu eksperter

Udvidet garanti og
service med Care pack