Orbitvu Nordic: part of Mikkeller’s Ecommerce +400% growth and digital transformation


Mikkellers Ecommerce connected to Orbitvu Nordic

Mikkeller’s webshop started with 6 square meters of small storage space in their old office and has since grown rapidly, where they now publish approximately 200 new beers in their webshop. Mikkeller is known for its tasty quality specialty beers. In order to match an equally high quality in their product images while having a fast time to market, Mikkeller chose to integrate with Orbitvu, which now with a few clicks can get their products online lightning fast on their ecommerce platform.

“Orbitvu has saved us an average of 20 hours a week.”

says Digital Director in Mikkeller, Frank Hilmer Borring Petersen

A simple calculation of 20 working hours per week at an hourly rate of DKK 150 per hour gives Mikkeller a saving of as much as DKK 14,000 per month – the equivalent of DKK 168,000 per year. It was an optimization Frank Hilmer could not neglect.

A unique e-customer experience

In addition to streamlining Mikkeller’s product photography workflow, Mikkeller previously struggled to make the beer’s appearance stand out on the webshop. Orbitvu has helped Mikkeller with this, now easily taking one additional creative shot per product where the beer is poured into the glass, increasing conversion rates and providing a unique experience of the product that can’t be experienced in a traditional store.

“In collaboration with Orbitvu, we have set up a systematic flow for exporting images, which allows everyone in the company to pull the images from a content bank.”

says Digital Director at Mikkeller, Frank Hilmer Borring Petersen

Frank Hilmer further explains how Orbitvu has increased their conversion:

“Our conversion rate on SoMe and email marketing has increased significantly by integrating 360° images, bundle packshots and other creative images shot in the studio.” – Digital Director at Mikkeller, Frank Hilmer Borring Petersen

In addition to using the photo studio for Ecommerce, Mikkeller also uses 360° images in B2B and internal presentations of their creative labels.

All in all, the partnership between Orbitvu Nordic and Mikkeller was a success from the start and a journey that we at the offices are proud to follow. (Below, Frank Hilmer (center) looks extremely pleased! Picture taken at Mikkeller’s warehouse)